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RTC livestream training is back and this time we have the pleasure to present you the first Paint & Prep Signature Masterclass! 30h of world class tips and tricks for any level of experience, with access to all the licensed softwares, dailies sessions, individual feedback and recorded classes.

Signup is now open!


Your first job as an aspiring Compositor will include for sure any kind of challenging cleanup. By taking time to fully understand the basic techniques that leads you to remove markers, wires or any kind of camera rig or gear visible on camera or through any kind of reflection, you will be consolidating the most important part of your career, the one that gives you the best practices as a Compositor, the eye for precision and the obsession for perfection. By joining this course you will be guided through the most comprehensive and explanatory journey available regarding Rasterized Paint (Frame by Frame Paint) in Silhouette FX and Procedural Plate Preparation in Foundry Nuke.


The objective of this course is to turn you into a specialist of this extremely important step of the Compositing career. You will be able to analise and decide which technique or combination of techniques will suit you best in order to solve the shot you have in hands and take the solution to the highest level of finesse so every detail is kept.

Schedule & Features

NEW: 2 types of students, Livestream and Offline. Livestream students will be attending both the dailies session and the live class session, and will have a weekly individual feedback recorded. Offline students will only have access to the recorded class session 24h after it’s finished and no exercise feedback from the instructors.


  • 10 Live streaming sessions of 3h
  • First hour will be a dailies session exclusively for the Livestream class, will not be accessible by the Offline class.
  • Second and Third hours will be normal class session attended by the Livestream class only and recorded for post review by both the Offline class and the Livestream class.
  • 5 weeks dedicated to Paint in Silhouette – Wednesdays from 8pm to 11pm (Lisbon Time GMT)
  • 5 weeks dedicated to Prep in Nuke – Sundays from 9am to 12pm (Vancouver time PDT)
  • Recorded weekly individual feedback video on exercises for the Livestream class
  • Weekly exercises with included royalty free footage, suitable for showreel
  • Industry guest mentors from leading companies

* Minimum of 10 students to start the course



Visual Effect Production Pipeline is the series of tools, procedures and technical decisions that a VFX house adopts as their standard, dividing their structure into several departments working together to achieve a common goal.

  • VFX Production Pipeline
  • Ingestion & Delivery
  • Media formats (Film vs Digital)
  • Color Encoding (Log vs Lin)
  • Color grading and LUTs
  • CDL and Neutral Grades
  • Lens pipeline
  • Photography concepts
  • Versioning tools and naming conventions


Tracking is the technique used to capture the movement of an object or camera in a live action footage by comparing reference patterns in consecutive frames and locking a target to that transformation.

  • Intro to tracking
  • Basic transformations
  • Filtering and quality loss
  • Point tracking (1, 2, 4)
  • Planar tracking
  • Camera tracking
  • Points to 3D
  • Reconcile 3D
  • Advanced planar tracking in Mocha Pro



Raster Paint is the technique used to assist the removal of unwanted green screen markers, safety wires or rigs surrounding objects in a live action footage, by recreating or stealing information from adjacent frames in a smooth and a seamless fashion.

  • Paint in VFX context
  • Frame by Frame paint theory
  • Pros & Cons
  • Denoised plates
  • Paint in Nuke
  • Paint in Silhouette FX
  • Alignment tools
  • Filtering & Subpixel
  • Clone tool
  • Drag tool
  • Marker removal
  • Advanced painting techniques
  • Point tracking in Silhouette
  • Mocha tracking in Silhouette
  • Importing outsource trackers
  • Source matchmove
  • Wire and Rig removals
  • Presets
  • Auto Paint
  • Rebuild tools
  • Export paint
  • Nuke setup for paint import
  • QC and refinement
  • Edge fixing in COMP context


Series of procedural techniques used to assist the same objective as Paint but in a non destructive environment, allowing for advanced parameter tweaking in a general compositing fashion and the option for using 3D projection environment.

  • Prep in VFX context
  • Procedural vs Raster
  • Nuke scripting and GUI basics
  • Best practices and optimization
  • Neutral grades in prep
  • Denoise & regrain procedure
  • Dust busting
  • Live patches & static patches
  • Dissolved patches
  • Corner pining and refinement
  • Grid and Spline warping
  • Motion blur recreation
  • Light changes and flickering
  • Marker removals
  • Wire and Rig removals
  • Edge Extrudes and Pixel Fills
  • Advanced prep techniques
  • Smart vectors
  • Camera projections
  • UV projections
  • Camera planes
  • STMAP & advanced filtering
  • QC and refinement
  • Procedural prep in COMP context


Understanding the communication skills needed to survive in a production pipeline is the key for success, learning how to deal with pressure and criticism and managing the career throughout the years.

  • Dailies & Feedback
  • Respect & Tolerance
  • Communication
  • Learning & Dedication
  • Managing expectations
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Surviving crunch time
  • Career progression


This course includes all the software that you need to learn and practice at home, officially licensed and available throughout the course

Included 6 months node locked license


Access to floating license throughout the course


Access to shared floating license throughout the course


Access to floating license throughout the course



This course will be delivered through ZOOM videoconference platform, super versatile and interactive learning platform.


Every student has access to a 50GB cloud storage space, with daily backups and extreme flexibility for an easy feedback


Price & Payment

RTC Roto Signature Masterclass

Livestream Class Price
800New Students
600RTC Alumni*
Offline Class Price
700New Students
525RTC Alumni*
Referral Program Discount
-50For each friend that signed up through your reference you both get 50€ discount on your own subscriptions, with no limit applied to how many referees you will bring.

Please contact info@roadtocomp.com for referral discount coupon

  • 30h live streaming sessions
  • Weekly recorded individual feedback
  • 6 months NUKE license (personal)
  • FLOWBOX license (VPN) *
  • SILHOUETTE FX license (VPN) *
  • MOCHA license (VPN) *
  • 50GB cloud storage *

All payments will be accepted through Paypal platform. If you don’t own any Paypal account, you can still use any credit card from Visa, Mastercard and American Express through this platform.

Payment instructions:

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