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RTC has the pleasure to present you the first Roto Signature Masterclass! 24h of world class tips and tricks for any level of experience, with access to all the licensed softwares. If you want to take your roto skills to the next level, you’re in for a treat.


Signup is now OPEN!



While Compositing is the ultimate goal for any 2D artist, the truth is roto is still the best and most reliable way to get in the industry, since the big companies will only hire compositors with a certain experience. Now the deal is, you either fake it until you make it and survive the tough work or you master the role, get respected and enjoy the ride while carving your way into compositing. In the modern days, everybody says they can roto, which is perfectly fine, but being a Roto Artist, to create art doing it, is something only a few can claim and have the honour to represent.



Being able to fully understand everything involved in rotoing the hardest shots, full bodies, high motion blurs and moving cloth, and still solve this puzzle within an acceptable time and to the highest quality is only achievable if you absolutely dominate the concepts and practice to exhaustion. That’s exactly our goal by launching this masterclass, to take you to the next step and give you a highly detailed insight of the real world, photography concepts and industry experience, to multiply your chances of getting hired straight away and progress faster in your career.


Schedule & Features

8 Live streaming sessions of 3h

Sundays from 9.30am-11am follow by a 30m break and then 11.30am to 1pm (Vancouver time PDT)

Recorded weekly individual feedback videos on exercises (mid week)

Weekly exercises with included royalty free footage, suitable for showreel

Industry guest mentors from leading companies

* Minimum of 5 students to start the course




Visual Effect Production Pipeline is the series of tools, procedures and technical decisions that a VFX house adopts as their standard, dividing their structure into several departments working together to achieve a common goal.

  • VFX Production Pipeline
  • Ingestion & Delivery
  • Media formats (Film vs Digital)
  • Color Encoding (Log vs Lin)
  • Color grading and LUTs
  • CDL and Neutral Grades
  • Lens pipeline
  • Photography concepts
  • Versioning tools and naming conventions


Tracking is the technique used to capture the movement of an object or camera in a live action footage by comparing reference patterns in consecutive frames and locking a target to that transformation.

  • Intro to tracking
  • Basic transformations
  • Filtering and quality loss
  • Point tracking (1, 2, 4)
  • Planar tracking
  • Camera tracking
  • Points to 3D
  • Reconcile 3D
  • Advanced planar tracking in Mocha Pro


Rotoscoping is the art of creating a digital cutout or matte of an object in a live action footage, by carefully drawing splines and matching their animation to the object’s movement to help separation in the final compositing.

  • Rotoscopy history & context
  • Shot briefing and scope
  • Shape breakdown
  • Spline theory
  • Keyframing
  • Position and consistency
  • Spacial blur (lens defocus)
  • Motion blur (temporal)
  • Software GUI overview
  • Roto in Flowbox
  • Roto in Silhouette FX
  • Roto in Nuke
  • Manual roto strategy
  • Articulation and movement
  • Spline animation
  • Using tracking in roto
  • Solid vs organic approach
  • Hair roto (open splines)
  • Moving cloth
  • Stereo roto
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Technique exceptions
  • Script organization
  • Exporting roto
  • QC and refinement
  • Rotoscopy in COMP context


Understanding the communication skills needed to survive in a production pipeline is the key for success, learning how to deal with pressure and criticism and managing the career throughout the years.

  • Dailies & Feedback
  • Respect & Tolerance
  • Communication
  • Learning & Dedication
  • Managing expectations
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Surviving crunch time
  • Career progression



This course includes all the software that you need to learn and practice at home, officially licensed and available throughout the course

Included 6 months node locked license


Access to 3 months floating license


Access to 3 months floating license


Access to 3 months floating license



This course will be delivered through ZOOM videoconference platform, super versatile and interactive learning platform.


Every student has access to a 50GB cloud storage space, with daily backups and extreme flexibility for an easy feedback


Price & Payment

RTC Roto Signature Masterclass

Promotional Price
499save 20% now
  • 8 x 3h live streaming sessions
  • Offline recorded individual feedback
  • 6 months NUKE license (personal)
  • FLOWBOX license (VPN) *
  • SILHOUETTE FX license (VPN) *
  • MOCHA license (VPN) *
  • 50GB cloud storage *

All payments will be accepted through Paypal platform. If you don’t own any Paypal account, you can still use any credit card from Visa, Mastercard and American Express through this platform.

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