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RTC Advanced Comp Series is the most complete and ambitious Full Compositing for Visual Effects course designed by RTC for the upcoming generation of young artists that want to fulfil the dream of start working in the Film Industry. More than 400h of learning and practicing all the arts involved in the growth of a new Compositor, this course with take you on a rollercoaster of experiences that we hope will change your future.

Well rounded artists, curious enthusiasts or absolute beginners, if you have passion for it and you’re willing to work hard, this is the right choice for you.



This course will have 2 essential components, learning the technical concepts and producing contents to demonstrate your new abilities.

From day one, we’ll be working in a production environment, trying to emulate the real tight deadlines involved in the professional world. You’ll be invited to be part of producing a short film, shooting it, taking care of the visual effects data wrangling and then bring all the information to class and start working on it. We’ll have special guests from different departments of the visual effects pipeline, that will feed you everything that you need to complete your shots, with proper weekly feedback.

At the same time, we’ll be carefully guiding you through the most complete set of techniques that you’ll need throughout your career. From the early days of rotoscoping, going through the unique skills of a paint and prep artist and diving into the complex world of digital compositing, by signing up for this course, you’re in for a life changing experience that will open you the doors of a bright future in this demanding and ultra competitive industry.



240h of in class training – Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm-6pm (with trainer)

172h of open class time for showreel production – Wednesdays and Fridays from 2pm-6pm (without trainer)



Short film production with royalty free footage suitable for showreel

Shot management through Shotgun with real deadlines

Dailies sessions with detailed feedback

Special guest talks from major Industry companies



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Visual Effect Production Pipeline is the series of tools, procedures and technical decisions that a VFX house adopts as their standard, dividing their structure into several departments working together to achieve a common goal.

  • VFX Production Pipeline
  • Ingestion & Delivery
  • Media formats (Film vs Digital)
  • Color Encoding (Log vs Lin)
  • Color grading and LUTs
  • CDL and Neutral Grades
  • Lens pipeline
  • Photography concepts
  • Versioning tools and naming conventions


Tracking is the technique used to capture the movement of an object or camera in a live action footage by comparing reference patterns in consecutive frames and locking a target to that transformation.

  • Intro to tracking
  • Basic transformations
  • Filtering and quality loss
  • Point tracking (1, 2, 4)
  • Planar tracking
  • Camera tracking
  • Points to 3D
  • Reconcile 3D
  • Advanced planar tracking (Mocha Pro)


Rotoscoping is the art of creating a digital cutout or matte of an object in a live action footage, by carefully drawing splines and matching their animation to the object’s movement to help separation in the final compositing.

  • Rotoscopy history & context
  • Shot briefing and scope
  • Shape breakdown
  • Spline theory
  • Keyframing
  • Position and consistency
  • Spacial blur (lens defocus)
  • Motion blur (temporal)
  • Software GUI overview
  • Roto in Flowbox
  • Roto in Silhouette FX
  • Roto in Nuke
  • Manual roto strategy
  • Articulation and movement
  • Spline animation
  • Using tracking in roto
  • Solid vs organic approach
  • Hair roto (open splines)
  • Moving cloth
  • Stereo roto
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Technique exceptions
  • Script organization
  • Exporting roto
  • QC and refinement
  • Rotoscopy in COMP context


Raster Paint is the technique used to assist the removal of unwanted green screen markers, safety wires or rigs surrounding objects in a live action footage, by recreating or stealing information from adjacent frames in a smooth and a seamless fashion.

  • Paint in VFX context
  • Frame by Frame paint theory
  • Pros & Cons
  • Denoised plates
  • Paint in Nuke
  • Paint in Silhouette FX
  • Alignment tools
  • Filtering & Subpixel
  • Clone tool
  • Drag tool
  • Marker removal
  • Advanced painting techniques
  • Point tracking in Silhouette
  • Mocha tracking in Silhouette
  • Importing outsource trackers
  • Source matchmove
  • Wire and Rig removals
  • Auto Paint
  • Rebuild tools
  • Stereo paint
  • Disparity keyframing
  • Painting both views
  • Stealing one view paint
  • Export paint
  • Nuke setup for paint import
  • QC and refinement
  • Edge fixing in COMP context


Series of procedural techniques used to assist the same objective as Paint but in a non destructive environment, allowing for advanced parameter tweaking in a general compositing fashion and the option for using 3D projection environment.

  • Prep in VFX context
  • Procedural vs Raster
  • Nuke scripting and GUI basics
  • Best practices and optimization
  • Neutral grades in prep
  • Denoise & regrain procedure
  • Dust busting
  • Live patches & static patches
  • Dissolved patches
  • Corner pining and refinement
  • Grid and Spline warping
  • Motion blur recreation
  • Light changes and flickering
  • Marker removals
  • Wire and Rig removals
  • Edge Extrudes and Pixel Fills
  • Advanced prep techniques
  • Smart vectors
  • Camera projections
  • UV projections
  • Camera planes
  • STMAP & advanced filtering
  • Stereo Prep
  • Mari for Prep artists
  • Nuke-Mari bridge
  • QC and refinement
  • Procedural prep in COMP context


Compositing is last step of the production line, where live action is combined with CG, 2D elements and simulated FX using all the preped contents from above. Advanced grading, complex maths and a truck load of creativity are used to integrate all the imagery as the final comp.

  • Comp history & context
  • Nuke extensive GUI overview
  • Merge maths
  • Color theory
  • Briefing and planning
  • Script organization
  • Best practices and optimization
  • Live action & elements integration
  • Color matching
  • Densitity matching (black levels)
  • Chroma Keying theory
  • Analisying and treating plates
  • Keylight and Primatte
  • Image based keyers
  • Despill techniques
  • Focus change
  • Lens artifacts
  • Chromatic aberation
  • Bloom and glow
  • Lens flares
  • Post camera movements
  • Camera shake
  • Transformations & Motion Blur
  • Deep compositing
  • Deep crops & mattes
  • Stereo comp
  • Grain matching
  • Tech checking
  • Third party plugins
  • Tool customization
  • Python for Compositors


Showreel is an edited sequence of snippets of work that demonstrates your ability and experience as a compositor. They should be short and assertive to capture the interest of recruiters and help assessing your level among your peers.

  • Module exercises practice
  • Showreel production
  • Access to licensed software
  • Access to royalty free footage usable for showreel
  • Shotgun based project management & feedback
  • Centralized cloud storage
  • Encrypted data through VPN
  • Automatic backups



Understanding the communication skills needed to survive in a production pipeline is the key for sucess, learning how to deal with pressure and criticism and managing the career throughout the years.

  • Dailies & Feedback
  • Respect & Tolerance
  • Communication
  • Learning & Dedication
  • Managing expectations
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Surviving crunch time
  • Career progression



This course includes all the software that you need to learn and practice at home, officially licensed and available throughout the course

Included 6 months node locked license


Access to 6 months floating license


Access to 6 months floating license


Access to 6 months floating license




This course will be delivered through ZOOM videoconference platform, super versatile and interactive learning platform.


Every student has access to a 50GB cloud storage space, with daily backups and extreme flexibility for an easy feedback

Price & Payment


Advanced Comp Series

Promotional Price
3456save 20% now
Or monthly (x6 installments)
576save 20% now
  • 240h live training sessions
  • 172h showreel production time
  • 6 months NUKE license (personal)
  • FLOWBOX license (VPN) *
  • SILHOUETTE FX license (VPN) *
  • MOCHA license (VPN) *
  • 50GB cloud storage *


Please contact Odd School at secretaria@odd-school.com for more details on prices and how to sign up